Residential Landscaping in Mechanicsville, VA

Many homeowners simply do not have the time or interest to handle their landscaping tasks themselves, which makes Lawn Popper’s LLC your ideal partner in keeping your land looking great. Our lawn care services in Mechanicsville, VA are especially beneficial if you have a large property that would otherwise be far too much for you to handle, even if you had the interest in doing so.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the residential landscaping services we provide to our Mechanicsville clients.


resident landscaped yard

We are happy to assist with a wide variety of landscaping tasks, including the removal of shrubs, grasses or other plants, pruning and trimming, grading, creating garden beds, planting shrubs or trees and much more. Whenever we complete a landscaping project, we also haul away all the debris, so you don’t have to worry about calling in a special pickup or making a run to your nearest self-deposit station for yard waste.

Lawn Maintenance

A perfect lush green lawn requires a lot of work, beyond just regular mowing. In addition to cutting your grass, we develop watering schedules and fertilize the lawn at regular intervals to make sure the grass is getting the food it needs to thrive. We also use products to remove weeds and broad-leafed plants to ensure a more uniform, aesthetically pleasing lawn.

Plant Maintenance

Shrubs, trees and other plants require regular maintenance to continue to grow healthily year after year. Unpruned shrubs not only look bad, they can become tangled and starve themselves out. Regular clippings make for happier, healthier plants.

Snow Removal

When winter strikes, do you really want to be responsible for removing a full property’s worth of snow? Our team comes to you and plows your driveways and walkways so you don’t have to spend the time and energy doing it yourself.

For more information about our team of residential landscapers in Mechanicsville, VA, contact us today at 804-513-3928.